#nykeats: Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori, After You Dessert Cafe, Bangkok

After You is a cafe chain in Bangkok that is popular for its photo-worthy Shibuya toasts and desserts. They have become so popular in recent years that that it is now one of the most popular places for desserts in Bangkok. Looking at my instagram feed, I’m pretty sure at least half the world’s population have been there.

As a frequent visitor to Bangkok, many of my friends were surprised that I have never been to the cafe. I mean, I knew about its existence for many years, but it just didn’t make it to the top of my things-to-eat list whenever I’m there. Holidays are always short, and there’s always so many things that I want to eat in Bangkok. Why will I save space in my stomach for some Japanese-styled toast in Thailand? Plus, who needs another review of the cafe when there’s already 3984293 review out there?

But because even well-revered foodies are raving about it, I decided it was perhaps time for me to finally drop by the cafe during my last vacation in Bangkok and have a look. Okay lah, must admit #FOMO was kicking in.

I decided to go the the branch at Siam Square One because it was the most convenient (directly connected to Siam BTS). The mall was easy to get to, but I had a bit of trouble finding the entrance to the cafe as it could only be accessed from outside the mall (See directions to the cafe below).


The cafe was quite busy when I arrived, but a table had just left so I managed to get a seat immediately. Larger groups probably had to wait for a bit.

“You go number 6.”, the waitress at the entrance pointed at the direction of my table and went on to serve the person behind me. I did not have the chance to ask her for recommendations. She also did not tell me that I had to order at the counter. I just looked at what the other diners were doing and assumed that was what I had to do.


There was a laminated card on the table showing Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori (265 Baht). Since I didn’t know what to order, I decided I might as well go for that. It was only later that I found out that the mango-flavoured kakigori is a seasonal item on the menu. I was glad that I made that choice.

Considering the crowd at the cafe, the shaved ice didn’t take long to arrive. About 15 minutes at most. Still, there was enough time for me to capture some more shots of the pretty cafe.


This is where After You made me swoon over. Let’s not get into the taste first. Will you just stop for a second to look at this piece of art? It was so pretty that I almost didn’t want to eat it!


Each serving of the kakigori came with two sauces on the side: Mango puree and coconut/rice cream. Now, ready for some action?

Okay, enough of #foodporn. Time to talk about the taste.

The shaved ice was very fine and smooth. It melted in my mouth upon contact which gave a very comforting sensation. Especially soothing for a hot July summer in Bangkok.

I could taste the mango in the ice itself which was great. You know how sometimes flavoured shaved ice are just plain ice that comes a sauce? No, the stuff at After You is legit. Every mouth that I took was bursting with mango goodness.


The ‘white stuff’ on the shaved ice tasted like a concoction of rice and coconut cream. I’m quite sure that that was not just pure coconut cream. It was sweet and very fragrant (#EverythingWithCoconutIsNice). In case you can’t have enough of the sauce, they even provided more of the ‘white stuff’ on the side. How thoughtful of them. I could just eat the cream on its own. It’s that good.

If you prefer a stronger mango flavour, you can mix the accompanying mango puree in. The sauce was quite sweet, so a little goes a long way. You might want to go slow with it


There wasn’t much service to speak off, but staff were courteous and polite enough. Nothing much I could comment on.


After You exceeded my expectations in all aspects. The cafe was pretty, and the mango sticky rice kakigori was the bomb. As a huge fan of mango, I have had tons of mango shaved ice. None of them were as unique as this. The mango sticky rice kakigori literally tasted like the actual mango sticky rice, like an iced version or something. I totally did not expect that.

I stepped into this pretty cafe not having high expectations of the food. I imagined After You to be just a another pretty-looking cafe, but they managed to prove that they are not just a pretty face. Pretty cafes are everywhere these days, but a pretty cafe with good food? That’s hard to come by.

Now I can understand why people are crazy over After You. The next time you visit any of the the After You branches, remember to look around. You may just spot me in the snaking queue.



There are 16 branches of After You cafe (at the time of writing), so it’s very likely there’s one that’s near you. I went to the branch at Siam Square One but I believe the food quality should be the same in all the branches.

To get to the cafe at Siam Square One, take the BTS to Siam Station (Interchange between  Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line). There’s a bridge that connects from the exit to Level 3 of Siam Square One. Take a lift to the ground level of the mall.

Find the exit that’s next to Hello Kitty Cafe. Get out from that exit and turn left. After You Cafe is just a few steps away from you.

Note: The entrance of After You is at the back of the mall, facing Soi 7. You can only access the cafe from outside the mall.


Tel: +66 2 115 1949

Website: http://www.afteryoudessertcafe.com/


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