#nykeats: White Flower Factory Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

Disclaimer: This is going to be a really short post as I did not sample enough of their food to give a decent review. I only went there for cakes, on the recommendation of my friend, D.

When asked about their favourite Thai food, most people will probably mention popular items like Tom Yum Gung, Pad Thai, or Mango Sticky Rice. These are the top few items on my list as well, but in addition to that, I am also a huge fan of Thai Iced Milk Tea.

My friend, D, knew about this. So when he found out that I was going to Bangkok in July 2016, he recommended that I check out White Flower Factory cafe for their Thai Tea Cake.


Given its central location, the cafe was not too difficult to get to (directions given below). I was there at about 3 pm and the cafe was quite empty. Most of the patrons inside were done with their lunch, and were about to leave.

When I entered the cafe, the first thing that attracted me was the humongous cake display by the cashier counter. The seemingly endless rows of cakes was just too mesmerizing. Although some of the cakes flavours were repeated, the number of cakes on display was still impressive. I stood by the display for a good minute, just like a boy in a candy shop.


Once I was done ogling at the cakes, one of the waitresses showed me to an empty table and gave me the menu. I took a sofa seat, although there were also seats by the window. I would have preferred a window seat had the sun not been so scorching.


The cafe was done up in raw, industrial style. Its decor bears a close resemblance to the Aoyoma Flower Market Tea House in Tokyo. I won’t be surprise if that was where the owners drew their inspiration from.

One thing I noticed was the ubiquitous placement of the cafe’s name at every visible corner of the shop. There’s no way one can take a photo without having the cafe’s name in the shot. What a brilliant way to market the cafe I must say.



White Flower Factory serves Thai food with a modern twist. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the cafe to serve full meals. From the decor to the giant cake display, the cafe struck me as a place for coffee and desserts.

The main purpose of my visit was to try the Thai Tea Cake, so that was the first thing I enquired with the staff. The waitress replied “don’t have”, and told me to go for the Thai Tea Crepe Cake instead. I don’t know if she meant that they don’t serve Thai Tea Cake, or they just happened to run out of it.

The other thing that caught my attention was their hot Thai Milk Tea Latte. I’ve had a lot of Thai Iced Milk Tea, but never the hot version. I knew I had to try that.

For the sake of a caffeine fix, I also ordered a boring black coffee.


The milk tea was the first to arrived. Being an OCD, I found the clear separation between the tea and froth strangely satisfying.

The tea was lovely. It was fragant, smooth, and creamy. I found the hot version slightly sweeter than the usual Thai Iced Milk Tea, but it did not masked the flavour of the tea leaves. Yums.


The coffee was just regular black coffee – nothing exciting. Other than the cute tiny jars of sugar and creamer that came with the coffee, there’s nothing much to write about it.


The crepe cake was the last to arrive. Being a fan of Thai Milk Tea, I was surprised that I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would.

The flavour of the crepe was rather generic. I had to savour for a long time before I could finally tasted a hint of tea. If I hadn’t already knew before hand that there was tea infused in the cake, I might not have realise it. I was a little disappointed given how good their Thai tea latte was.

Texture wise, it was slightly gelatinous and on the soft side. The sensation was very similar to the Pandan Kaya cake in Singapore. Not my favourite.


Service was okay. Their staff’s English proficiency is quite limited, so communication may be an issue. Putting that barrier aside, the staff were actually quite friendly.


It was my first time having Thai food in a modern cafe setting and I loved it.

The Thai Tea Crepe Cake (what a mouthful) was an innovative take on one of my favourite drinks, but I did not think the taste was anything out of the world. That being said, their hot Thai Milk Tea Latte was gratifying.

This is going to be one of my to-go places the next time I visit Bangkok. I will definitely be back to sample more of their menu, and hopefully I can give a more detailed review of this pretty cafe then.


The cafe is conveniently located inside Siam Square One, which is connected to Siam BTS Station (Interchange between Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line).


View of the cafe from Siam BTS Station

To get to the cafe, exit the BTS station via the link bridge to Siam Square One and you will be at Level 3 of the mall. Once you are in the building, look for the elevator on the right. Take the lift and go one level up (Level 4). You should be able to spot the side entrance of the cafe not too far away from the lift landing.

P.S. I actually went to the cafe partly because I also wanted to visit the After You Cafe (Review here) in the same building. You may want to consider doing that too!

Address: Level 4, Siam Square One, 

Tel: +66 2 2522 6467

Website: http://whiteflowerfactory.com/


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