#nykeats: Steinheil 16, Munich, Germany

I visited this restaurant in December 2016 after reading the numerous reviews on TripAdvisor. Like what most of the reviewers have commented, this is indeed the biggest piece of Schnitzel that I have ever had. Highly recommend visiting this place if you are in Munich.


It was not difficult for me to decide on what to eat as there were just a couple of items on the menu. Although I was there mainly for their Schnitzel, I also ordered the Currywurst. It was the only other item on the menu that interests me.


Flip to the back for the English menu

The Schnitzel came with salad as an appetizer, but the Currywurst did not. I found the salad rather meh. The cucumber tasted too raw for my liking.


Huge bowl of greens

The Currywurst was the next to arrive. My first thought when I saw it was: “How am I going to finish this!”. Not only was the sausage ginormous, it also came with a huge serving of fries. That is way too much food for me to handle.



I liked that the sausage was firm which gave a nice bite to it. I would prefer if the skin was a tad softer to chew.

For those who are familiar with Chinese cuisine, the sauce was reminiscence of the Sweet & Sour sauce. There was nothing curry about it though. I did not even feel a tinge of heat. Overall, it was a delicious dish but nothing extraordinary.

Just as I was struggling to finish the sausage, the star of the night arrived.


Schnitzels the size of my face

Oh em gee, the schnitzel was literally the size of my face, if not bigger. It was piping hot when served to me.

I immediately noticed how the schnitzel was thinner than those that I had elsewhere. Because of that, the breaded skin was crispy and not as greasy as it looked. The meat was tender and flavourful. Despite the huge portion, I did not get tired of eating it. This is easily the best schnitzel I have ever had.

Hiding below the schnitzel were thin slices of pan-fried potato. The potato was on the hard side. It was slightly tough and not crispy like a chip. Although simple, it was refreshing change from the usual fries as a side dish.


This is a casual diner so don’t expect too much for service. I visited the restaurant on a Saturday night and it was extremely packed. There were only two servers around and they were both too busy to entertain me. It took awhile before I was finally shown to a table.

Tip: Most of the diners came with reservations and I highly recommend that you give the restaurant a call before coming down.  There were people who came in after me that did not managed to get a seat.


The restaurant is located near Theresienstraße station on the U-Bahn (U2 and U8). However, I decided to walk from Hauptbahnhof because I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of transferring between the S-Bahn and U-Bahn. The route I took was straightforward and completely doable. It took me about 20 minutes to get to the restaurant.

To get to the restaurant from the Hauptbahnhof, go to the street level of the station and get out from the exit nearest to Yorma’s (sandwich shop). Cross the street and turn right. When you will reach the dm drugstore at the junction, turn left into Dachauer Str (the diagonal road).

Keep going straight on Dachauer Str till you reach a fork road near Ibis Hotel. Take the right fork and keep walking. Once you see a MacDonald’s, turn right at the NEXT junction into Steinheilstraße. The restaurant will be on your left.

Address: Steinheilstraße 16, 80333 München, Germany

Tel: +49 89 527488

Website: http://steinheil16.de/


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