#whosays: Beary Glad I’m Here

Contributed by guest blogger, Mr Z

When everyone’s either swarming to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for the Hello Kitty Cafe, or to Bugis Junction to dig into a plate of rice fashioned into the design of Pikachu, a new type of cafe opens up somewhere in the East, and their anchor is sure to please customers of all ages and preferences: Teddy Bears!

And I mean, Teddy Bears that can go from palm-sized, to one that is human (maybe 2 times human, circumferentially) sized.  

I’m Here, a Teddy Bear themed restaurant is located at the first level of Park Avenue beside Expo MRT. Even from the MRT station, one can see the teddy bears wave enticingly at them. Other than the (faux) topiary greeting customers at the entrance to the restaurant, the centrepiece is the giant (single eyelid) Teddy Bear sitting on a swing hung from the 2-storey-high ceiling.


Look at that huge chande-bear

However, do not feel sad when you realise you cannot touch that cuddly hanging up there, because the restaurant is literally (and thankfully) infested with teddy bears! There is at least one giant teddy bear at each table configuration, staring at the empty seats across, as though waiting to be joined for a cuppa.

Other than that, there are also teddy bears on various shelves and corners, some reading, some expressing thoughts of missing someone, and some just enjoying life as it passes by.

The furry-ier the bear-ter


This is after all a restaurant, so reviewing the food is a must.

The picks of the restaurant are inclined towards Western fusion, something that you can also find in the likes of Swensen’s and other hipster cafes. They range from All-Day Breakfasts, pasta, sandwiches, pizzas, desserts to regular mains like chicken cutlets (they call it Chicken Parmiagiana) and steaks.

In terms of plating, the food is well-presented, with the option (at $1 extra) to have food placed on chopping wooden boards. In fact, from a visual and nutrition point of view, I found the serving of greens to be generous and appealing.

In our visit, we ordered Chicken Parmiagiana, Chicken Pesto Linguine and Truffle Fries. Both the Chicken Parmiagiana and Truffle Fries are typical comfort food, and one should be angry if I’m Here could not deliver. In the case of I’m Here, they made the grade, which also meant that the ROI to coming all the way down from another side of the island is achieved. The linguine, though, bordered being too oily.




When I saw that the place was manned by young people who looked like they were part-timers on their school off days, I lowered my expectations. We were not treated like royalty, yes, but at least the servers spoke politely and wore smiles that looked genuine. One of them even guarded the entrance, so that he could greet anyone who came in.


Unlike most hipster cafes, I’m Here is airconditioned and spacious. However, my main objective was to bring my little teddy bears to meet their giant furry relatives. We were lucky enough to be there when it was not crowded, so XK and XD actually had fun frolicking in the fur of various teddies.


Attempting to climb Mt Beary

The restaurant is also bordered by full-length windows, which is both a bane and blessing. Bane, because it could get rather warm on sunny days. However, that meant plenty of sunshine and wefies would look nice no matter if you got off from the wrong side of the bed!


This is a must-go place for teddy bear lovers! Do not expect much from the food and you are guaranteed a great time taking wefies with the various teddy bears!


For me? Thank you beary much..

Do You Know?

I’m Here has come up with a Valentine’s Day dinner menu. They will be taking reservations up till 12 Feb 2017, and the menu is only served on Valentine’s Day itself. Ladies, if you know your loved ones are pulling their hair out on where to bring you this coming V-Day, share this post to them to drop a hint! And Guys, bring your Honey here before her sistas do and there is no reason not to!

Address: 2 Changi Business Park Ave 1 #01-05

Website: https://www.facebook.com/imheresingapore/

Phone: +65 64433148


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