Full time breadwinner, part time foodie. I’m just another guy who loves to travel and eat. #nyktravels is a platform for me to share my personal experiences with people when it comes to travelling and eating, with the occasional rants about life. I am neither a professional blogger nor a gastronomist. So take my advice at your own risk!

People around me calls me an #AVgeek. Indeed, I love everything about flying. From airports to planes, I enjoy getting myself acquainted with the latest developments of the industry. Whenever I am not eating, you’ll be sure to catch me reading up on aviation related news. Geeky.

I never thought I would ever write a blog about food and travel. It all started when I was planning for my trip to Edinburgh, and I realised how certain information was never found online. I depend a lot on Tripadvisor (awesome site!) to plan my travels, but most of the comments were simply rants. Specific information such as directions to get around and travelling time required were often either left out or mentioned briefly. Why liddat? *pouts* I tend to plan my trips before I embark on one, so such information comes in handy. Therefore, I was inspired to start a blog on travelling to provide nitty-gritty details which may be tl;dr to others. If you are like me, who are suckers for details, follow me on #nyktravels!

I’m currently based in Singapore. But who knows where the wind plane may take me eh?

Till then, peace out.